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Microsoft Developer on Ulitzer Microsoft Corp. and eBay Inc. announced they are partnering to offer eBay Daily Deals through a new Internet Explorer 8 Web Slice for the holidays. With most holiday shoppers looking to save money, Microsoft and eBay will present online Daily Deals through a new Windows Internet Explorer 8 Web Slice that will showcase popular products selling at deep discounts. Customers will receive continuing updates and detailed information about these Daily Deals for eBay, all within the Favorites Bar in Internet Explorer 8. "With almost 200 million live listings, the eBay Marketplace is second to none when it comes to holiday gift options," said Rob Chesney, vice president of buyer and seller experience, eBay. "This season we are making it even easier for Internet Explorer 8 users to find amazing products at deep discounts with the eBay Daily De... (more)

Canada & Australia Smile of Microsoft-Yahoo

Microsoft Developer The Microsoft-Yahoo deal got approved by regulators in Canada and Australia. The Justice Department and the European Commission are reviewing the plan. ... (more)

Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM

With Silverlight 3 shipping and a brand new update to .NET RIA Services I thought I would update the example from my Mix09 talk “building business applications with Silverlight 3”. You can watch the original  video of the full session  The demo requires (all 100% free and always free): VS2008 SP1 (Which includes Sql Express 2008) Silverlight 3 RTM .NET RIA Services July '09 Preview  (optional for this part of the demo) Also, download the full demo files and check out the running application. Today, we will talk about Professional Feel..  Professional Feel Business applications need to have a professional, but how many of us have a full time designer on our staff?  I’d guess very few.  That is why we invested in a great out of box experience.  The Silverlight Navigation Application and Silverlight Business Application (which adds login\logout support) project starts wit... (more)

Microsoft Turning Corners

Mini-MSFT is back, with a post about Microsoft turning The Corner.  It’s interesting to contrast his point of view with that of MG Siegler over at ParisLemon.  Given my own perception of  Valley bias on the part of Siegler (he is one of the new voices of TechCrunch after all), it’s great to see that we’re making progress which is being met with receptivity and not suspicion.  Further, everyone is focused on the most important beneficiaries - customers. I have to admit, since returning to the company a little over a year ago, I have had this sense that things are looking up.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s no shortage of frustrations for me, but that’s to be expected when you come from a tiny company where you were the founder and CEO to a large company where you a cog in a wheel. With the new fiscal year, I have a new role and a new team, and I plan on making liberal... (more)

Microsoft To Release On-Premises Cloud Computing in 2010

It was inevitable, and I just missed the release by a few months, however, Microsoft is working hard on releasing the “Private Cloud”, your own on-premises cloud computing software. With the Microsoft cloud strategy, organizations can now move towards cloud computing models with the confidence that their existing investments in their datacenter are safe, and can be leveraged in this new paradigm. Existing applications and services will be able to move to the private cloud without the need to learn unproven technologies or introduce unnecessary complexity. The Microsoft Private Cloud enables: Management of the datacenter fabric as a single pool of resources Delivery of scalable applications and workloads Focus on the management of the datacenter service and it’s dependencies Federation of services across the full cloud continuum Microsoft is enabling customers to buil... (more)

SoftwareFX Webinar on SharePoint 2007 Charts

This webinar will show how to easily create powerful reports and interactive dashboards using SharePoint 2007 charts, gauges, hierarchical lists and other web parts, without the need to write code. An Amazon Kindle will be raffled among attendants! DataParts for SharePoint 2007 is an exciting new family of Web Parts from Software FX that enable you to add business intelligence, data visualization and analysis to your SharePoint portals. With DataParts, it's never been easier to create your SharePoint Reports and Dashboards. With DataParts, visualizing and analyzing data becomes remarkably easy through the use of advanced lists, card views, charts, digital panels and radial, linear and horizontal gauges that can be easily configured to visualize the type of data desired in just minutes. Title: Creating Interactive Reports and Dashboards with SharePoint 2007 Date: M... (more)

Two Great Tools to Work with SQL Azure

You got an invitation, and you figured out how to create a database. Now you want to see some action. You want to look at database objects and populate the databases with data you can work with. Here are two great tools that you can use. SQL Azure Manager and SQL Azure Migration Wizard are two great tools to work with SQL Azure. SQL Azure Manager can be downloaded from here. SQL Azure Migration Wizard can be downloaded from here. SQL Azure Manager takes your credentials and access your database on the SQL Azure. Presently I could see only tables and views in this version. No stored procedures. I tried to delete a table I had created earlier with SSIS, but somehow it could not drop that table. Perhaps table names with white spaces are 'no,no'. It... (more)

New Version of TuneUp Utilities Available in Late October

TuneUp announced that the latest version of its award-winning series of PC optimization software will be available at the end of October. The software manufacturer has integrated a number of new features, including full Windows 7 support, into TuneUp Utilities 2010, making PC maintenance more convenient for both novice and professional computer users. TuneUp Utilities 2010 contains the new Turbo Mode to increase the performance of users' PCs. This allows consumers to switch off a large number of unnecessary background processes -- with a single click. The Live Optimization function is another addition to TuneUp Utilities. It helps improve programs' startup and response times, even when computers are bogged down with a number of applications running simultaneously. TuneUp Utilities 2010 also provides users with a concise Optimization Report, which outlines the Windo... (more)

Windows 7 Networking Controls Video Screencast

Dell News On Ulitzer This week I begin a new series of video screencasts for Dell’s IT Expert Voice Web site. The site has all sorts of useful information for corporate IT folks that are interested in migrating and using Windows 7, and my humble part will be to produce a regular series of videos similar to what I have been doing on my own over at WebInformant.tv. Do check out this video which talks about the differences between Windows 7 and earlier versions when it comes to networking controls. ... (more)

MindTouch Goes Cloud

Cloud Computing on Ulitzer MindTouch, the open source alternative to Microsoft SharePoint, extended its popular enterprise collaboration platform to the cloud. The new offering makes it easy for business power users with no programming knowledge to mashup data from existing enterprise systems into real time charts, graphs, reports and tabular data. MindTouch Cloud allows companies to replicate the features and functionality of MindTouch 2009 Standard in seconds with the swipe of a credit card and without a call to their IT department. "MindTouch has essentially built an open source, cloud-enabled SharePoint that is accessible to non-programmers," said Sam Ramji, Vice President of Strategy at Sonoa Systems, a provider of analytics, management and cloud governance solutions for APIs and cloud services. "The more I look at what they've done, the more I realize they've... (more)

Backing Up SharePoint Effectively

SharePoint Archiving Journal As your data becomes more integrated into the way your company does business, properly maintaining that data is now more important than ever. The recent exponential growth in business data collection/production has caused a major logistical headache for companies that need to maintain this data and ensure that the right information can be located quickly & easily when needed. Although Microsoft SharePoint helps simplify document management, corporate communications, and project collaboration, much of the sophistication that makes SharePoint so incredibly useful can also become a challenge when it comes to data protection and business continuity. Because SharePoint stores data to SQL databases, traditional flat-file backup software treats the database as a single, gigantic file. A major disadvantage of this flat file approach is that it c... (more)